ISP Franchise

MFT Internet Pvt. Ltd. will provided you (the potential franchisee) with the appropriate level of information to better understand our franchisee requirements and our IT products and services. MFT Internet Pvt. Ltd. is a Private Limited Company incorporated in the year of 2015 with the main objection as to act as Internet Service Provider. MFT Internet Pvt. Ltd. has Category B Unified Licence (ISP). We believe in quality service and on time support. We use best available support system for our customer. MFT is the one of the best Internet Service Provider in west Bengal Service area. We provide internet Leased Line with last mile support. We can provide 100% SLA in case of Internet leased Line.

MFT Internet  Private Limited has ushered in a new era in communications for at West Bengal in India. One of the most significant players in Internet Services, we provide a clear edge in services ranging from Internet bandwidth, Internet  for corporate as well as domestic users.

Supported by superior technology all our services come with high speed, exceptional clarity and flawless connectivity.

We offer a simple and dependable technology that supports you at all times. Backed by constant innovations and a 24×7 customer support, a MFT internet will ensure your are connected to the world seamlessly.

We believe that with this information and follow up discussions with ourselves, both parties will be better positioned to assess the potential of a franchisor – franchisee relationship.

Corporate Overview

MFT Internet, based in Howrah, West Bengal, India was founded on an idea of excellence.

The heart of MFT Internet brand is its value – Energy, Dedication, and Discipline. MFT Internet was started as an organization, is to inspire the next generation to become entrepreneur. We are passionate to develop people.

Our vision

To setup Biggest network of Internet in India.

Our mission

Via our capability of Research & Development equipped with network experts with experience in this field, MFT Internet is determined to pursue the leading-edge position of the industry and to provide our current and future customers with the best quality of networking & internet solutions. In the past few years MFT Internet has been dedicated in developing and offering comprehensive solutions for Broadband, Internet leased line, and to meet the growing demands of varying Internet market segments.

Franchisee Eligibility Criteria:

The following guidelines are recommendations based on our experience of what key attributes and skills are required to deliver business success. They are not, however, mandatory requirements:

  • Education: Graduate/ Engineer/Management.
  • Experience: Minimum of  2  years of  experience  in  any  industry,  or  in  running  or Managing business, or in selling broadband or internet leased line.
  • Character: individuals with a flair for business and a passion for people with Ethics.
  • Location Requirements: The Location should be located at an Area of high potential for internet usage. The office should be located on the ground floor or first floor. The server room may be in the office or at the terrace of the building.

The facility should have a clear carpet area of between 100-300 Sq Ft  (or more for a prominent location) and should be equipped with the following:

  1. Office area for administration and Customer counselling.
  2. Stable power with minimum 1.5 kW.
  3. At least two telephone/Mobile lines.
  4. All exclusives cont. No. And e-mail account for centre operations.

Staffing Requirements:

  1. One Marketing  executive
  2. One Networking Engineer

Financial Requirements:

As the franchisee you should have the capacity to invest approximately 4-5 lakhs (dependent on location and existing infrastructure). This investment will be the following (approximations only):

Working capital:   Rs. 100000

MFT Internet Commitment:

We will provide comprehensive and industry leading guidance to the franchisee in establishing and managing your business. At a minimum, this will include support in the following areas:

  1. Organizational set-up.
  2. Marketing strategy.
  3. Capacity planning.
  4. Manpower training – technical and sales.
  5. Manpower planning – specialized training on demand.
  6. Location selection and design layout.
  7. Space planning.
  8. Hardware & software purchase.
  9. Bandwidth Management Software Training & Support

Technical and Staffing Requirements:

Staff Training:

The preferred location to conduct your staff training is at our Office. . This will help to get a good perspective of our organization and an understanding of the brand.

On-line Training:

In addition to the ‘on-site’ training, we are proud to offer regular scheduled, and on-request, on-line training sessions.

Duration of support from MFT Internet:

We will support the franchisee both in terms of technical, marketing and sales expertise, as long as the partnership exists. Our franchisor – franchisee contract has been developed to ensure a longstanding business relationship.


All promotional activities such as advertisements in daily newspapers, popular magazines, local television channels, banners, hoardings, distribution of pamphlets, etc. is to be handled by the franchisee.

When your franchise has been established as a provider of outstanding quality and customer service, sales will start to grow quickly through word-of-mouth rather than any other media. We strongly believe that every Customer will become the best marketing tool we have.