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About MFT Internet. Pvt. Ltd.

MFT Internet Pvt. Ltd. is a Private Limited Company incorporated in the year of 2015 with the main objective as to act as Internet Service Provider. We believe in quality service and on time support. We use best available support system for our customer. MFT is the one of the best Internet Service Provider in west Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. We provide internet Leased Line with last mile support. We can provide 100% SLA in case of Internet leased Line.


MFT Internet Pvt. Ltd. adds a new dimension to broadband, providing high-speed broadband service that covers many people across West Bengal. And with our capacity-rich broadband services, we aim to provide a new level of broadband service in dense urban markets where it’s needed most.

Internet Leased Line

Internet Leased line is for those who need dedicated bandwidth. Growing business often need to choose between a high cost, high performance Internet Leased Line or low cost, low performance broadband connection. Internet Leased Line offers best dedicated bandwidth.


MFT Internet provide VPN solution to connect with your network from any where of the world. We provide VPN with Public IP for CCTV, Trading and for multiple security reason.

Help & Support

We provide 24*7 Support over Phone , Miss Call , and Live Chat. Call : 033 2645 0120 , Miss Call: 8100 500 700

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